Life size Baby Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex) costume with rubberized texture.
Cable animatronic mechanisms – Movement Test.

Baby T-rex Costume

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58 Comments to “Baby T-rex Costume”

  1. […] year in a row, then consider an animatronic life-size baby Tyrannosaurus rex costume from Wizart Studio […]

  2. Yong Lee says:

    How can I get one and do you deliver to the U.S.?

  3. […] aren’t going to cut it for the eighth year in a row, then consider an animatronic life-size baby Tyrannosaurus rex costume from Wizart Studio […]

  4. […] of your powers, you could do worse than this 16-foot-long, 53-pound baby tyrannosaurus costume by Wizart Studio. Watch this costume running amok through an alley, and note the car in the background doing a […]

  5. […] aren’t going to cut it for the eighth year in a row, then consider an animatronic life-size baby Tyrannosaurus rex costume from Wizart Studio […]

  6. alex says:

    shut up and take my money!!!!!

  7. […] source Catégories: print-minute Tags: art, design, nature, science […]

  8. Matt says:

    Hey guys, amazing work it’s great to see people making money doing a job that is fun and educational too.

    I realize that Yong Lee asked this and you said to message privately with a budget in mind. But I am only just kicking the idea around of one day buying one, maybe even building one.

    Are you able to give a ball-park/approximate cost? I wouldn’t hold you to it obviously but is there a low-high cost range for the model we see in this video? It would help me determine whether this is even a feasible goal for me.

    Thank you!

  9. Juice says:

    what would you say this specific baby rex would go for? it’d give a much better idea of what I should base my budget on, thanks

  10. Jesús salazar says:

    How much how can i pay it

  11. Doug says:

    Amazing work! Could I also get a ballpark estimate? You guys do great work.


  12. […] I’d love to see one of these on the dance floor at a wedding. The baby t-rex was created by Wizard Studio, and you can check out more photos and order custom designed works on their […]

  13. craig says:

    I would also like to see an estimate. Looks like fun to have for special occasions!

  14. CausidicusRex says:

    I am also wondering what a ballpark estimate would be for one of these. I am in the U.S. Thanks!

  15. Todd DeGroot says:

    Yup. I want one. Will you please send me an estimate of how much it would cost?
    Thank you.

  16. kim shores says:

    Looking at cost to an economical version of this

  17. Steven Steinberger says:

    I too would love to know the cost.

  18. Draco says:

    Hello, I am an aspiring prop/costumer and am very interested in learning how you did this, perhaps giving it a shot next year or so. I sort of imagine a basic idea of the build, but it moves so fluidly and looks very light. Would you be open to sharing pics of the skeleton/building process?

    • adminFOO says:

      Hi Draco, Wizart Studio is very supportive of any form of artisan craft, props and costume building, but we are sorry that we are unable to share the pictures due to the confidential nature of our business. But if you need some help or advice, we would be more than happy to walk you through it. Cheers–Foo

  19. chase says:

    can you please quote me a price on a costume as well

  20. johnny briscoe says:

    Just looking for my dream dinosaur Foo ..please respond with an estimate ..

    Prop and background design assistant from orange county ca

  21. eric devereaux says:

    I too would like a general cost estimate. Thank you

  22. chris says:

    can i get a estimate?

  23. Kane Perryman says:

    Hello i was wondering the price for a pretty realistic one and also im 6’8 and was wondering if im too tall

  24. Andy says:

    Can I get an estimate, turn around times and specs of the dinosaur costume please

    Thank you

  25. Matt P says:

    Can I get an estimate please. Angeles I’m about 5 ’11 if it helps

  26. Roy says:

    OK, get me an estimate too…

  27. matt e. says:

    Can you please send me pricing

  28. Jerry says:

    Please send me a quote to my email EXW KL for a baby trex

  29. Theo says:

    Can I have a detailed pricing set? I want one with sound, do you DO PAYMENTS?

  30. zack says:

    Can you contact me, please cause i could be interested in some parts please, thanks.
    best regards

  31. freakin awsom says:

    how much?

  32. Jeff says:

    I need an estimate and how do I go about buying one¿

  33. Chris B says:

    How much $$ for the T. rex??

  34. Jesse Lanier says:

    Could you send me pricing information? Do you guys do rentals as well as purchases?

  35. David N says:

    Looking for pricing and availability information.
    Thank you.

  36. Dennis says:

    Could you send me pricing information?

  37. jon Dempsey says:

    could you give me a price for two baby trex costumes please! i work for a safari park in the uk,

  38. Bubba says:

    How much would it be to have one?

  39. Kevin Hammer says:

    Estimated price?

  40. clint says:

    How much for one of these t-rex costumes and do you make any other costumes?

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