PDF format lessons to guide you through easy steps on making this Dolphin sponge sculpture.

Printable PDF stencils so all you need to do is to transfer these patterns onto a sheet of sponge, cut the patterns out, stick them together accordingly and you will achieve this sculpture as shown in the pictures.

Only 3 steps:

1. Transfer these stencils onto the sponge foam sheet using a marker pen and to size it as small as 8 inches or as big as 8 feet.

2. Carefully cut the patterns out from the sponge sheet with a NT cutter.

3. Joint and glue the patterns according to the instructions given with contact adhesive.

All stationery and materials can be easily purchase at any stationery or DIY shop and you can produce these sculptures within a short time frame. Estimated time to complete one sculpture is 55 minutes.

Painting: Foam sponge already comes in many colors but you can also easily color foam sponge material according to your choice by painting with a brush, using spray can or even with airbrushing it all works really well. I have my sculptures in raw sponge on this listing just to show all the joining sections. This sponge sculptures will also make a great foundation and form for paper mache.

For any further assistance, please email: info@3dwizartstudio.com

Downloadable file in PDF format:
Price: $4.99USD

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